It is said that every person on the planet is a maximum of 6 connections away from every other person on the planet. This is thrilling! But the truth is, we have never been more disconnected. We are struggling more than ever with issues like patriarchy, racism, sexism, leadership, hierarchy, partnership, ethics, values and culture – all aspects of connection. The greatest challenge of our modern time is to find ways to relate and interact deeply and sincerely in an ultra-connected world in which we have never been more fractured and distant.

We help people and organisations to come together in new ways that bring about what we call a 6 Degree Shift.



Dr. Rama Naidu

“Every human being is on their own developmental journey. It is only through a deep sense of awareness of the personal work that each one of us must do that we can become a catalyst for the change we want to see in the world. It is only then that we can begin to shift our life purpose into one of abundance and co-creation of a future distinct from the past. This is a future I want to be an architect of.” 


Why Is This Retreat For Me?

Are you feeling a need to pause and reflect?

Are you craving a little stillness and “me time”?

Are you needing to be energized and refreshed?

Do you have a desire to plug into nature?

Are you yearning to feel alive and whole-hearted again?

Would you like to develop some practical tools that you can take back into your daily life?

At the foot of the majestic uKhahlamba Mountains, cradled by supportive processes, we will take a journey that will refresh, renew, and revitalize us through the transformative power of walking in nature with a group of like-minded people.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home” 

Mary Davis 

This walking retreat will be limited to 14 people. To book your place please RSVP to Karen McKenzie or Justin Foxton

This walking retreat will be limited to 14 people. To book your place please RSVP:

Karen McKenzie

083 709 8525

Justin Foxton

082 354 1839


We are designers and facilitators of transformational interventions who have spent a collective 40 years honing our extensive skills in leadership & organisational development, change process facilitation, and transformational team-building. We are globally acknowledged as experts in transformational personal leadership, working with dysfunctional teams, culture change, and community building.

Their work is powered by the intentional disruption of conventional narratives. This has the effect of creating a shift in paradigms, perceptions and behaviours. Their work is rooted in the understanding that we live our lives and run our organisations through the lens of the stories we tell. It is only as we come to a deeper sense of awareness that we move into writing new stories of possibility and change linked to concrete action. It is this very self-awareness in both these individuals that ignites change in all those who work with them.

This authentic and high-impact approach to transformation has taken the 6 Degrees team all over the world and their clients include the likes of the European Union, GIZ, Vedanta International Mining corporation, Lafarge Holcim and world top 100 NGO, Symphonia for South Africa. They work with numerous private educational institutions and an array of local and national NGO’s.


We work with people and organisations and help them to unlock new ways of being and doing. This is what we call the 6 Degree Shift. Why 6 Degrees? Well, to be honest the expectation of the much vaunted “180-degree shift in people/organisations” sounds good but it misses the mark. It is not only unrealistic, it is unnecessary.

If we could achieve a 6 Degree Shift in people, it would be so huge it would change the world. After all, just 6 degrees connects every human being on the planet.  And when this shift happens people get connected with themselves – their purpose and mission –  and with one another and the organisation, in a way that makes companies and community groups function better.



From Organisation to Community


From Leadership to Stewardship


From Consumerism to Connection


From Diversity and Inclusion to Relationship and Care


From Safety to Value


From Patriarchy to Partnership


From Compliance, Constraint, Control and Contract to Discipline, Stretch, Support and Trust


Mandy Murray (Business Coach)

Of all of the one or two day courses I’ve done throughout my career, the two sessions with Rama Naidu were the ones in which I experienced the greatest personal and professional development. I have never come away from a workshop with so many tools that I will actually use, so many ideas that have changed the way I interact with the world and so much enthusiasm to effect change immediately.

Rama created an incredibly safe, deeply insightful and highly interactive environment for us to engage with one another and I believe that, as a team of thinking partners and change agents, we have been catapulted to a higher level of solutions thinking and effective action. Rama’s extensive experience was evident in the way he lifted both workshops to a level that I have never experienced before. His humour and intellectual gems kept us hanging onto his every word.

I would encourage every organisation to gift their leaders and employees with – at the very least – one workshop hosted by this remarkable man.

Thank you Rama, from the bottom of my heart!

Dave Morris (Board Chair)

The Board and management of St Andrew’s School for Girls decided to completely refresh the schools strategy in order to set a clear path for the next 5- 10 years. We wanted to take an innovative approach and ensure that all our stakeholders had a chance to contribute to crafting the future. Rama designed and facilitated a process whereby we brought all stakeholders into the room and we have co-created a new, distinct and inspiring strategic path for the school. The process was energetic and instilled enthusiasm in all the participants. One year later we have a clear and understandable strategic vision which is being vigorously implemented by the Board and management in the day to day management of the school. Thank you, Rama

René Grobler (Chartered HR Professional)

I had the privilege of attend a Community Building workshop facilitated by Dr Rama Naidu, March 2019, Cape Town. When he started off the workshop, he did not introduce himself as Dr Rama, just Rama, levelling with all in the room in a basic human way. Humbling himself by saying that we do not know much, we are not experts in anything, and the way to connect with others is not to show that we are right or that we are better or that we are experts in some way or another, but rather to connect and solve challenges together by acknowledging each contribution, allowing different stories into our own subjective views, without judgement and together create new stories of hope, love and community. His method of facilitation is never as the expert in the room, but rather to extract the ‘gold’ already in the room. He not only empowers leaders to use this way of facilitating to influence positive change in their communities, but at the same time facilitate immense change in every individual attending the session. As a result of what I learnt during the workshop I have become conscious, whenever I connect with others, to allow other stories in and finding new innovative solutions together. The ‘what if’ questions, opens up opportunities to view problems as a mosaic of possible solutions and rid the feelings; • of being stuck, • the pointing the fingers of who was responsible for the problem and who outside of ourselves is responsible to solve it, and • feelings helplessness and being the victim of your circumstances. My hope is that as many people as possible would experience this life changing ‘shift’ to become more tolerant of each other, to experience deep understanding, to become less judgmental and solve challenges as a community, in the most creative ways possible.

Alexander Candice Gilbert-Barlow

I attended two meetings with a wonderful individual, every story different every dream real, Dr Rama Naidu unpacked a box, each with the same gift, for everyone to take and use in conjunction with their unique abilities. We broke barriers that prevented success, we healed old wounds, years later I want to let Dr Naidu know, from a community dance school funded solely by my self and parents, I am now the CEO and founder of 3 International companies, I use the tools you have taught everyday, I have lifted my voice, I have changed the dynamics of my game plan. I sit across board room tables where my opinion changes the success of projects from failure to success. Understanding the power of yourself, comes when you know the time for teamwork is no longer about you but about the TEAM, WE Need to get to the end, Let them know you in the trench, but give them a shovel and say let us dig, the plan is simple, Yes I can, but I am going teach you how we can get the team to the finish line. I won’t take the victory, but WE shall share both the journey and the Reward.



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