Meet our CEO, Dr. Rama Naidu

Social Activist & Disruptor of Conventional Thinking

Dr. Rama Naidu has more than 30 years of experience in the field of leadership, social justice, and organizational development and has held senior leadership positions in large organisations (both for-profit and not-for-profit) in South Africa. He brings this practical experience into his provocative work on leadership, community building and the ongoing quest for a more just and humane society. Rama is an international affiliate of Designed Learning (USA) and a Master Facilitator of Community Building with the Partners for Possibility (PfP) nationally in South Africa. He has been the First Director of the Democracy Development Programme in South Africa, an organisation whose purpose was about activating citizenship in a new democracy. In a country where the majority of South Africans were deprived of the right to be full citizens for more than 150 years this program had to disrupt the conventional narrative about empowerment and democracy. This was a traumatic but powerful journey of self-discovery. His work on transformation and diversity has taken him all around the country and the continent. He presently consults with a wide range of clients with the intention to shift their thinking into spaces of undiscovered possibilities and exploring ways of making it their current reality.

Rama works with a hand-picked number of Associates who share his thinking about change and transformation. He has a Doctorate from the University of KwaZulu Natal and is a past fellow of North Western University in Chicago. He has graduated from the International iGold Gestalt and Leadership programme and has also completed a two-year organisational development program across East, North and South Africa. Rama has a passion for being a disruptor of conventional thinking about the role of leadership in the quest for creating a more socially just and equitable world. He has worked internationally with organisations such as German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), The European Union, Designed Learning USA, Nurture Development Agency, the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation, and Vedanta Mines International amongst many others. His present consultancy “6 Degree Shift” (www.6degreeshift.com) epitomises his purpose in life .”It is just 6 degrees that separates every human being from every other human being… “we need to find the connection, recognise our common humanity and work towards a future that we all choose to live into”